"I live on Earth at present."

– Buckminster Fuller



Graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with Honors
Bachelor's of Architecture 2013

Grants and Awards

'14 Recipient
National Science Foundation I-CORPs

'14 Recipient
Carnegie Mellon University                         
Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Spark Grant

'14 Recipient
Sprout Fund Catalytic Seed

'14 Recipient
Idea Foundry InterSector (Social Enterprise)

'12 Recipient
John Knox Shear Memorial Design Award

Published Work

"On Biogenous Systems"
University of Vienna
Vienna, Austria
European Meetings on Cybernetics and Systems Research

"System and Method for Synthesizing Biogas"
Provisional Patent Application
Application Number US 62/022.274

"Algal Architecture: Integrating Biological Symbiosis"
Published by Carnegie Mellon University School of Architecture
in "[En]Coding Architecture"
ISBN: 0-9762941-4-1